James Arthur Mitchell: abstract artist

Contact info:  email: aquariusrisingnow@gmail.com

Hello and welcome to my site! If you have an interest in my work please email me. Thanks. This site will soon be updated with more pieces. Stay tuned!

Artist Statement

In 2006 during the middle of the summer I created my first abstract painting. I have always been an artist but with an emphasis of the performing arts. After creating that first painting I was emboldened to keep on going .It is a highly creative and spiritual process for me. My work is incredibly diverse in that I can create in any number of styles and techniques. I have been amazed at the work that I created with the help of spirit. It is my intention to become more known in the art world. I would like to sell originals, prints and prints on canvas.

CONTACT INFO :  EMAIL   aquariusrisingnow@gmail.com 

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